Master Nikko D TooGood

Master Nikko Toogood has been cultivating brands since 2011. Originally from Washington, D.C., Nikko wanted to become a world-renown chef. After moving to Atlanta, he began working in entertainment through catering and event coordination. Stepping into this world of socialites and celebrities, Nikko found his passion for public relations and branding. Using his gift of gab and sparkling personality to warm the room, Nikko has been able to find his niche and trailblaze as a must have publicist.

With a niche in the realm of Entertainment and Entrepreneurship Nikko is able to create vivid and referable media-based solutions. His work has been seen on Bravo Television, Vh1, OWN and BET to name a few. 

With client placements in FORBES, BUZZFEED, and on ABC, CBS, TEDX and, Nikko has built a public relations empire. His simple, yet effective, formula in helping clients turn their hobbies into their purpose, has allowed him the ability to operate in the realm of effectiveness. Through his networking, Toogood Industries has been given the database to reach out to media that most would think is impossible. 

The goal is to engineer dream into tangible reality. We have the tools to make your impossible possible.